Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Czech Agricultural University

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague is a public university founded in 1906. Currently the university has more than 18 000 students (10% are international students), 6 Faculties and 1 Institute. CULS offers over 170 accredited study programmes at BSc, MSc and PhD levels (in 9 BSc, 20 MSc and 18 PhD programmes the language of instruction is English). The university has 1 700 employees, of which more than 700 are Professors or Associate Professors. Since 2007 the Czech University of Life Sciences is member of the Euroleague for Life Sciences

The Faculty of Economics and Management in CULS Prague is a prestigious educational and research institution in the Czech Republic. More than 10 000 applications received every year show the high interest between prospective students. FEM offers a high variety of subjects, possibility of internships in many partner institutions abroad and modern facilities comparable to all prestigious European universities.

The faculty was established in 1952. Currently it comprises of 12 departments, which are responsible for the educational profiles of the individual courses and study programmes (Business Administration, Economics and Management, Informatics, European Agrarian Diplomacy). 


Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

The Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (SUA) is a public university founded in 1941. SUA offers education, research and advisory services with the mission focused on sustainable development of agriculture and related areas. Its six faculties offer bachelor, master’s, and doctoral programmes.

The Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) of the SUA belongs to the leading economic faculties in Slovakia in teaching and research. FEM provides students with education in Economics, Business, Management, Marketing, Finance, Banking, International Trade, Policy Analysis, as well as in Law, Informatics and Quantitative Methods. FEM was established in 1959 and since then has produced more than 17000 graduates.

Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information


Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information (IAEI) is state-funded organization established by Ministry of Agriculture in 1993. The roots of the institute go back to 1912 when the first national institution investigating the development of farm business was founded. IAEI processes and provides economic data relating to the Czech as well as European agriculture and food industry.

IAEI is administrating the Farm Accountancy Data Network FADN as well. FADN provides information about the economic situation of agricultural enterprises. It includes approximately 90% of the overall agricultural production of the EU. 

The Section of Science and Research in IAEI is focused on research in the field of agricultural economics, agricultural market, agricultural employment and research of the relationship of agriculture to the environment and development of the countryside. It annually publishes the Report on the state of agriculture in the Czech Republic. In addition to this, the section solves the widest range of necessary tasks for the Ministry of Agriculture as well as for other subjects in the agricultural and food industry sector, especially the field of natural conditions, development of the countryside, the field of food industry and further activities. Very important part of Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information is the Library of Antonín Švehla and the Agricultural counselling and educational centre.

Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Technology Centre CAS

Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences (TC CAS) is a leading national institution providing strategic information for research, development and innovations, and for the development of international cooperation of the Czech Republic within the European Research Area (ERA). TC was established in 1994 as a non-profit special-interest association of legal entities. TC CAS systematically develops methodologies for strategic decision making (e.g. foresight, technology assessment) and policy advice relating to research, development and innovation at European, national and regional level as well as transfer to knowledge and technologies to the practice. TC CAS has developed significantly its capacity in the field of agricultural and food economics since 2010.

Association of Agricultural Economists in Slovakia

Association of Agricultural Economists in Slovakia

The Association of Agricultural Economists in Slovakia (AAES) is a non-profit association established in 2011. The AAES brings together members and supporters of the European Association of Agricultural Economists, interested in the issues of agriculture, food industry, and rural development in Slovakia and Europe. The association aims to promote the knowledge and understanding of agricultural economics, to foster the professional growth of agricultural economists in solving problems of the agro-food system, regional and rural development, and related areas of applied economics and business.

Mendel University in Brno

Mendel University in Brno

Mendel University in Brno is the oldest independent specialized agricultural university in the Czech Republic founded in 1919. Nowadays, the University has 5 faculties two of which largely relate to agricultural economics: Faculty of Business and Administration and Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies. In 2011, a branches of the international scientific centre of excellence - the Central European Institute of Technology opened within the Faculty of Agronomy as the CEITEC MENDELU unit.

Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences

The Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) is a specialized and professional organisation of agricultural scientist in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1993 – after the division of Czechoslovakia. CAAS follows the principles and objectives and continuous the activities of the former Czechoslovak Academy of Agriculture, which was founded in 1924 The main objective of the CAAS is to improve the scientific level of research activities and education in the fields of its interest, to insure systematic development and to popularize effectively obtained scientific knowledge. CAAS covers a large spectrum of fields including natural, environmental, technical, economic and social sciences in the extent they link to agriculture, forestry, food processing, human nutrition and rural development.

Charles University

Charles University (CU), founded in 1348, is one of the oldest universities in Europe in continuous operation. According to Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2019 it is globally among the top 100 universities in Economics. Charles University already organized European Economic Association Congress (1995), European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists Conference (2012) and many other important economic conferences. Charles University economists at its Environment Center, Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education (CERGE) and Institute of Economic Studies have participated at many important projects dealing with agricultural, environmental and food economics and coordinated large-scale global projects like ECOCEP, GEMCLIME or GEOCEP.

The Czech Association of Agrarian and Environmental Economists and Sociologists (CAAEES)

The Czech Association of Agrarian and Environmental Economists and Sociologists (CAAEES) is a voluntary professional organisation which aim at promoting scientific excellence, practical relevance and high ethical standard of research work in the area of agricultural, rural and environmental economics and sociology.

To achieve its objective, the CAAEES facilitates the communication and exchange of experience among researchers and practitioners, organises seminars, workshops and training sessions, and awards the best scientists in the field in the Czech Republic.

The Slovak Sugar Association

The Slovak Sugar Association (hereinafter referred to as "SCS") is a non-political, independent, voluntary association. SCS members are legal entities established in Slovak republic that are involved in processing of sugar beet and sugar production. SCS operates throughout the territory of the Slovak Republic and seeks to promote the interests of its members abroad.

Českomoravská společnost chovatelů, a.s.
Czech Moravian Breeders‘ Corporation, Inc. (CMBC)

The dynamic and fast-moving industry requires continuous development. CMBC offers the key to success.
CMBC is an umbrella organization of all livestock breeders in the Czech Republic, from bees to the cattle. CMBC provides central processing of breeding data and its supply to breeders and/or other agricultural and related organizations.
The main areas of activity of the company are:
• Central animal registration & movement database
• Animal identification database, ear tag distribution (70 % of the market)
• Milk recording (52 % of the market)
• ISO 17025 accredited genetic laboratory (Illumina based), certified CDCB lab & nominator
• ISO 17025 accredited milk laboratory (3,5 mil samples annually)
• Milk performance data processing & publishing, genetic evaluation
• Endangered breeds cryo-bank (semen, ova)
• Partner in many national R&D projects

Official representative of the Czech Republic in all major international organization in the animal breeding area like ISAG, ICAR, Interbull, Interbeef etc.
Owned by farmers – driven by farmers – serving to farmers.