General Information

The Theme into context

The EAAE board has appointed the Programme Committee to organise the scientific programme of the Congress. The Local Organising Committee and the Programme Committee are striving to arrange a stimulating and innovative programme consisting of invited plenary presentations, invited panels, organised sessions, organised panels,  contributed papers and posters as well as field trips.

The Congress aims to stimulate interaction among a broad range of stakeholders of the food chain. In particular, policy makers, societal stakeholders and agribusiness representatives shall contribute to the programme through organised panels which have an open format and do not require a scientific paper. Organised panels could be thought of as a sort of “round table” discussion, moderated by an “external” figure to the presenting/debating panellists, which may also feature one or two presentations by academics. A formal scientific paper is not required to encourage the participation of NGOs, producer/industry-representatives or any other stakeholder not accustomed to scientific writing. A four-person panel, where academia, industry, NGO/stakeholder/societal groups and policy representatives are present and deliver their presentation/speech in 15 minutes each may be the best format. The remaining 30 minutes could be employed for discussion – facilitated by the moderator – or for answering questions from the audience. In order to facilitate stakeholder participation to the organised panels, daily participation fees will be implemented, allowing stakeholders to attend only part of the Congress.

Call for papers, organised sessions and posters

Contributed papers and posters as well as organised sessions are welcomed from all fields of agricultural, food, environmental and rural economics, and related disciplines.

The deadlines for submission are: 

Opening Registration: October 2019

Deadline for:
•      Contributed papers – February 10, 2020  (announcement of acceptance: 15. 4. 2020)
•      Organised sessions – March 15, 2020 (announcement of acceptance: 15. 4. 2020)
•      Organised panels – March 15, 2020 (announcement of acceptance: 15. 4. 2020)
•      Posters – April 1, 2020 (announcement of acceptance: 30. 4. 2020)
•      Early bird registration – May 31, 2020
•      Closing Registration – July 31, 2020 

Final versions of contributed papers and posters due: June 5, 2020.

Contributions templates and guidelines for submission will be available soon.