Bronze Partners

Českomoravská společnost chovatelů, a.s.
Czech Moravian Breeders‘ Corporation, Inc. (CMBC)

The dynamic and fast-moving industry requires continuous development. CMBC offers the key to success.
CMBC is an umbrella organization of all livestock breeders in the Czech Republic, from bees to the cattle. CMBC provides central processing of breeding data and its supply to breeders and/or other agricultural and related organizations.
The main areas of activity of the company are:
• Central animal registration & movement database
• Animal identification database, ear tag distribution (70 % of the market)
• Milk recording (52 % of the market)
• ISO 17025 accredited genetic laboratory (Illumina based), certified CDCB lab & nominator
• ISO 17025 accredited milk laboratory (3,5 mil samples annually)
• Milk performance data processing & publishing, genetic evaluation
• Endangered breeds cryo-bank (semen, ova)
• Partner in many national R&D projects

Official representative of the Czech Republic in all major international organization in the animal breeding area like ISAG, ICAR, Interbull, Interbeef etc.
Owned by farmers – driven by farmers – serving to farmers.



Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences